Exploding Career Opportunities in DevRel

Looking to land a job in developer relations aka devrel?

Exploding Career Opportunities in DevRel

I've been tracking job openings in DevRel (Developer Relations) and adjacent roles in a private document in Notion for a while now. I've been using these job ads as a proxy–to help me discover companies that I wasn't aware of as a maker of tools for developers.


Why? Back in July 2021, I bought a domain–devscape.co–where I plan to write in-depth about the developer landscape:

Tweet where I announce https://devscape.co

DevScape would also make for a great home for several of the things that I have been working on on the side, including a Playbook for DevRel practioners, growth strategy tear downs and potentially–a job board. If the experiment works out, DevScape could make money from subscriptions because the developer landscape is a fast growing niche.

Dev Rel Employers Often Lead to Dev Tool Makers

Using devrel job ads as a proxy for locating dev tool companies strewn across the dev tool landscape, I have been recording new finds in a free-form document in Notion but have come to realize that I'm slowly setting myself for a world of hurt later.

Going over my notes helped me realize that there are so many such companies that it makes more sense to use a tabular structure versus a free-form structure. A table is easier to scan, sort and reorganize than free-form copy-pasta. So, that's exactly what I did yesterday and today: move the data from Notion to Airtable.

Dev Rel Job Titles

The most common job title for the role of a developer that markets other developers is developer advocate, but quite a few companies opt for a different title.

Some examples of such titles include developer relations engineer, open source evangelist, community manager, developer relations leader etc, perhaps to emphasize how each role will require specific skills like professional coding experience, high visibility in the OSS (Open Source Software) community, past experience managing a community, or past experience managing a team, respectively.

A sampling of the titles I currently track include:

  • Developer Advocate
  • Developer Educator
  • Developer Relations Engineer
  • Developer Evangelist
  • Open Source Evangelist
  • Technical Evangelist
  • Data Advocate
  • Data Evangelist
  • Developer Relations Manager
  • Developer Advocacy Leader


Today, I'd like to share my Airtable publicly, in the hope that it will be useful to veterans looking for a new job and newbies looking to make the jump to devrel.

Without further ado, the Airtable is embedded below:

I plan to regularly update the table, so be sure to bookmark this page.

(PS: The curator of DevRel Weekly: Mary Thengvall also maintains a public bookmark of devrel roles that is worth checking out.)